Space Detective Holmes: Squid & Watson 

*An English translation of Japanese Doujinshi Manga. (This "Doujinshi" means self-published book in Japan.) 

**The second collection "Space Detective Holmes 2: Ice Cream and Watson" was released 

on 22 May 2014—Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's 155th birthday! 


In the space age, there are two detectives... They are a descendant of a great detective, and his kawaii best friend. 

They undertake any task. 


Here are their adventures and the scenery of daily life. 

Please enjoy this little collection of light-hearted short comics. 


*Includes a bonus: from "Choro-Q Watson" series 

(Sherlock Holmes parody comics. "Space Detective Holmes" is a space age version of it.) 

*The selection of contents is different from the Japanese kindle edition, 

since "Choro-Q Watson" was published as another book in Japanese.) 



Table of Contents 




"Squid & Watson" 


Short-Short Collection 

"The Revenge of LASSIE" 

"Random thoughts in the afternoon" 

"The Gene of the Great Detective" 

"Space Detective's secret tools: 1 Space Chalk" 

"Space Detective's secret tools: 2 Space Net" 

"The Medication in the Space Age" 

"A Mustache Cafe" 


Bonus: from "Choro-Q Watson" series 

"GOLDEN HOLMES at Reichenbach falls" (full color) 

"The Return of the Great Detective" (full color) 

"The Mystery of Dogon People" (full color) 

"The Fascinating Baker Street" 



"Watson's disguise training: Flower Seller in Covent Garden" (full color) 

"Watson's disguise training: Honey Bee" (full color) 

"The Summer Vacation of Space Detectives" (full color) 


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