Space Detective Holmes 2: Ice Cream and Watson

*An English translation of Japanese Doujinshi Manga. (This "Doujinshi" means self-published book in Japan.) 


In the space age, there are two detectives... They are a descendant of a great detective, and his kawaii best friend. 

They undertake any task. 


Here are their adventures and the scenery of daily life. 

Please enjoy this little collection of light-hearted short comics. 


In this second collection, they investigate a mysterious planet of ice cream, 

slip into a zero gravity ball in disguise, and even try Japanese meal... 


*Includes a bonus: from "Choro-Q Watson" series 

(Sherlock Holmes parody comics. "Space Detective Holmes" is a space age version of it.) 

*The selection of contents is different from the Japanese kindle edition, 

since "Choro-Q Watson" was published as another book in Japanese.) 




Table of Contents 




Cover art (without titles) 


"Ice Cream & Watson" 

"A Night at the Ball" 


Short-Short Collection 

"Take the "J" Meal!" 

"A Good Old-Fashioned Warp Drive" 

"Planet of the Oysters" 



Bonus: from "Choro-Q Watson" 

"Watson: the Ultimate Weapon" (full colour) 

"Dr Watson's Economical Forethought" (full colour) 

"The Adventure of the Strange Names of cases" 

"Life in Barts" (full colour) 



"I love Mrs Hudson's home made biscuits..." (full colour) 

"Get in Shape!" (full colour)